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Belkin AV HDMi to Mini HDMi ProHD 1000 2M (1008)


Belkin’s ProHD 1000 Series HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable brings your digital pictures, home movies, and music directly to your HDTV. With bandwidth speeds of up to 4.8Gbps, this HDMI connection delivers phenomenal, rich picture quality and pure digital surround sound—all in a single cable. Simply connect your digital camera, digital video camera, or digital music player with a Mini HDMI (HDMI C) port directly to your HDTV.

(High-Definition Multimedia Interface®) delivers the best possible picture and sound quality that your advanced AV equipment can deliver. Your HD experience is completely dependent on the quality of HDMI cables that you use with your AV components. Belkin HDMI Cables are constructed beyond industry standards to achieve peak performance and maximum AV viewing and hearing experience.
5.000 K.D.
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