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Kaspersky Small Office Security

5 Desktops + 1 Server
25.000 K.D.

Kaspersky Small Office Security (5 Desktops + 1 Server)

Kaspersky Small Office Security is the only IT security solution that’s specifically designed for smaller businesses and combines our award-winning anti-malware plus special technologies that protect more of the things that matter to you… including your money, identity, business reputation and confidential customer information.

Designed to deliver the ease of use that smaller businesses demand, it can even be managed via the Web* – so, if you don’t have in-house IT personnel, your external consultant can remotely manage security across all your laptops, desktops, file servers and Android phones & tablets. It’s world-class security – without the hassle… so you’ve got more time to focus on your business.


    Defends your PCs, file servers and Mac computers against malware

    Secures your business against phishing and Internet-based attacks

    Protects Android phones & tablets – including anti-theft protection

    Adds extra security when you’re online banking – via Safe Money (available on PCs and Mac computers.)

    Prevents leakage of sensitive data – including customer information

    Simplifies management – remote access for your staff or consultants


*To enable web-based management of Kaspersky Small Office Security, the user must create a special account at the My Kaspersky portal –

detailed view and application

Securing more of your business

Kaspersky Small Office Security offers a broader range of security technologies than basic small business antivirus products offer, yet has been designed to be easy to set up and run. You also get easy access to technical support.

Simplifying security management

Kaspersky Small Office Security includes an easy-to-use, cloud-based console that makes it simple to manage vital security functions. Web access to the console means your staff or external IT support consultant can access and manage your security, from anywhere.

Protecting your PCs, file servers, Mac computers & Android devices

By combining real-time, cloud-assisted technologies, plus powerful anti-malware technologies that run on your devices, Kaspersky Small Office Security defends your business against the very latest malware threats. Our Automatic Exploit Prevention specifically monitors the most frequently targeted applications, including Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Adobe Reader, Java and many more.

Preventing online theft… to keep your money safe

Online financial transactions can give cybercriminals an opportunity to steal money and bank account details. That’s why we’ve developed special security technologies that help keep your money, credit card numbers and bank account information safe.

Preventing loss of valuable & sensitive information

To secure your own business data – plus the sensitive information you store about your customers – Kaspersky Small Office Security includes powerful protection technologies for PCs and file servers. These technologies make it easy to encrypt data on your PCs and file servers and backup your data so that, if one of your PCs or file servers crashes, you’ll still be able to access essential information.

Maintaining efficiency & productivity

Uncontrolled Internet access can damage employee productivity or result in the downloading of inappropriate content onto your business systems. Kaspersky Small Office Security includes easy-to-use Web Control features for PCs. These controls let you to manage PC web usage for individual employees and block a PC’s access to inappropriate or malicious websites.

Protecting your business’s identity

Kaspersky Small Office Security includes the easy-to-use Kaspersky Password Manager that securely stores all your passwords and synchronizes them across your PC, Mac, Android phone & tablet, iPhone and iPad. You only need to remember one master password. Kaspersky Password Manager can automatically input the relevant, individual passwords when you access your web or app accounts.

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  • Model: 1004
  • Manufacturer: Kaspersky

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